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Japanese paper market eight consecutive month of growth

The papermaking association recently released statistics show that in February this year, thanks to the consumption tax hike before people assault consumer demand pull, Japan's domestic listings on paper and cardboard for 2.096 million tons, up 4.7% over the same month last year, to more than eight months compared with the same level.
Cardboard packaging used domestic market up 5.7% from a year earlier.Consumption tax hike before the home appliances products such as corrugated board used by market strength, up 6.2% from a year earlier.Because of heavy snow weather influence on transportation, Japanese paper February with a market's overall growth from narrowed somewhat.Printing paper, information market grew by 2.6%, for two consecutive month of growth.Decreased as the main product of coated annulus, and information paper month-on-month from reduce to increase.
In march a market growth continues.However, the consumption tax hike in April after implementation will be less resilient.The association of aromatic He Yixiong said the condition of the market demand will appear in 2 ~ 3 months.In the meantime, the papermaking enterprises will increase in production and export to deal with them.

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