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Most U.S. companies believe that digital printing quality can be comparable to offset printing
If you haven't seen by us before printing publishing industry portal Waht They Think and Unisource corporation launched the digital printing investigation report, that this time must see.It is reported, the study results based on the investigation into the United States nearly 400 employees, can represent the current us almost every area of digital printing industry. 
For the golden group, study the most is that we are interested in, everybody attention of digital printing quality improve again, this topic is also the hot spot of recent years.
When asked "in your personal view, in general, the digital printing system of your company (HP indigo, xerox love, kang, kodak Nexpress) output quality compared with the traditional offset printing?"Research question, the results showed as follows:
 53% of respondents said "and offset printing quality can be comparable to"
8% of respondents said "a little better quality than the offset printing"
2% of respondents said "is much better than offset printing quality"

In addition, 86% of respondents said their digital printing equipment image quality also choose either "satisfied", or "very satisfied". 
However, only 67% of respondents said the color matching degree chose "satisfied" or "very satisfied", 63% of respondents said the stability of color chose "satisfied" or "very satisfied".Only 43% of respondents said satisfied with the color match only chose. 
When asked about their production more challenges, "get consistent image printing quality" has become one of the three big challenges, 30% of respondents gave this answer."Get consistent color" was fourth, 29% of respondents chose the. 
When asked about the factors in the process of printing copy can reach a "perfect", the answer is as follows:
Fine line/detail reproduction (47%), field color piece (36%), the hierarchical order (22%), a custom color (18%)
Through the above research can be found, print service providers are satisfied with the overall print quality is digital printing machine, but in some detail and color matching degrees still need more work.
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