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Drew 2016 exhibition will be aimed at printing and cross-media solution
After with, including hewlett-packard, ricoh and EFI company "giant" to negotiate for a long time, drew the direction has decided to show the focus in the next few years with the strategic significance of strong growth areas, including: packaging, labels, multimedia publishing and printing market of environmental protection.Drew the aimed at positioning in "printing and cross-media solution" exhibition, focusing on such related all kinds of technologies and products. 
It is understood that drew 2016 exhibitors are mainly from the six categories, pre-press and printing, cross-media class, printed, corrugated and wrapper classes, after the future technology, materials, equipment, services, and infrastructure.
"Touch" in the future has been as drew one of part of the 2016 expo slogan.At the appointed time, the exhibition organizers will set up within the pavilion, with emphasis on the electronic printing and 3 d printing live demonstration area.Drew ba 2016 is already a good fusion PEPSO (electronic printing products and solutions) ideas, such as 3 d printing system manufacturers.
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