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HP inkjet digital printing machine reel paper team added new army
Recently, foreign officially launched the new HP HP digital printing system Priming solution, the addition of the new system makes the HP drum inkjet paper products processing substrates range wider, including before can't compatible with production inkjet technology standard coated paper.The new HP Priming solution can cope with more challenges, make the printing service providers and book printing enterprises can lower cost, better quality and higher productivity grab market opportunities. 
Customers always expect by ink jet printing equipment manufacturing more material, the new HP Priming solution to ensure the customers have more choices, at the same time also launched the latest cutting-edge technology products to market.
The message from HP client meeting conference held recently in the United States, according to other announced new products include: HP T260 Mono inkjet paper rolls digital printers, HP SmartStream solution cooperation projects, etc. 
It is reported that hewlett-packard T260 Mono inkjet paper rolls digital printing machine reel paper width is 66 cm, highest production speed of up to 244 meters per minute.The device and HP Priming solution is expected to be put into commercial stage at the end of 2014.
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