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This article briefly introduces the three Japanese convoy green printing standard system
Japan's printing industry from industry groups to printing enterprises and their employees, often put green printing on the important position.Japan's printing industry and related industry organization is more perfect, various association, institute, institute, association and other plays an important role in the process of industry development.Given Japan's printing industry management features, Japan's printing industry promote the cause of environmental protection, in addition to the national level of the organization, the printing industry organizations played a more comprehensive role undoubtedly.Which mainly includes three big certification system.
The corporate social responsibility (CRS) certification system.Combination of Japan's printing industry association since 2010 all preparations for the printing enterprise "corporate social responsibility (CRS) certification system, established the CRS to promote professional committee is responsible for the concrete implementation, in 2013 officially launched CRS certification system, and released on June 25, the first 40 for the list of companies.
CRS certification purpose is to promote its member enterprises to strengthen social responsibility, from compliance, environment, information security, quality, employment/labor safety, financial performance and social contribution/region to assessment, information/communication and so on eight aspects the concrete measures of corporate social responsibility, including compliance, environment, three aspects of information security is one of the most important evaluation indexes, one ticket is overruled make.CRS certification is divided into three grades: 1 star as the basic level, 2 star is a more advanced, 3 star is the highest.1 star ratings mainly through independent corporate filings for examining, 2, 3 star requires on-site audit to the enterprise.
"The firmament make mark" green printing certification system.Japan to promote environmental protection of printing association in addition to constantly improve the firmament make logo printing environmental protection certification system, but also in promoting digital printing certification, to reduce carbon dioxide contribution certification, etc.
At present, the firmament make logo printing environmental protection certification system only for rotary offset printing, offset printing peace paper respectively with "silver, gold, gold +" three levels.The ice and make logo certification procedure is very simple, E3PA member or associate member of the enterprise as long as it is in accordance with the firmament make logo printing environmental protection certification standard production of offset printing, in the firmament make logo printing environmental protection certification review committee for the record, you can use the firmament make marks.
"Green printing logo certification system.Printing industry association of Japan from the end of last century began planning to develop green printing standard, and in August 2001 the first green printing standards ", printing production al < > offset printing service green standard ", since then, launch a variety of printing way green standards, and constantly amended according to the new requirements of environmental protection of printing.At present, Japan's printing industry association of "green printing marks" from standard to certification examination, to competition awards, has formed a very complete, rigorous standardization system.
Japan's printing industry association of green certification system is divided into green printing factory certification, green product certification, green printing equipment certification such as three categories.Corresponding the green printing marks are divided into 1, 2, 3 stars star, a total of 3 levels, the more stars, the higher the level of environmental protection.
Certification on the basis of the standard is divided into offset printing, label printing service, gravure printing (flexible packaging) service, silk screen printing services, etc. 4, every green standards has form a complete set of the implementation of the guidelines and apply for certification of green operation manual.The latest standard of above four green printing edition issued on April 25, 2013, in the same year October 25.Respectively for equipment procurement, printing process and the countermeasures of environmental protection of enterprise the corresponding principles and standards in three aspects.As of July 2013, a total of 295 companies by the Japanese printing industry association of green printing factory certification, including offset printing area 239, 39 gravure printing area, three screen printing field, label printing field 14;A total of 24 387 products passed the green supplier of printing equipment printing equipment.
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