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China Printing Solutions-Heidelberg and martini cooperation after restructuring its printing industry
China Printing Solutions-Heidelberg printing machinery co., LTD announced restructuring after the printing industry, in addition to the Ludwig fort (Ludwigsburg) factory continue to produce folding closed, located within the German Heidelberg, all factory will no longer production related products.In the future, its corresponding after printing packaging products production by tianjin Eva printing equipment co., LTD. Is responsible for research and development and production of the Heidelberg continued for related products sales and related services.In the business field of post-press, Heidelberg will continue to expand its folding machine and cutting tool (Paula knife Polar cutters) market, and other technical services business will by Swiss Martini (Muller Martini) to take over.
"After two famous printing supplier to be our partner for our printing industry restructuring is of great significance, they can not only help us to provide competitive products, also can ensure the continuity of service and spare parts supply."Members of the board of directors of Heidelberg Stephan Plenz said.
"Heidelberg printing production line's competitiveness is limited, so the operation is based on a new" strategic positioning, Heidelberg, chief executive of Gerold Linzbach said."Restructuring after printing industry to improve the economic situation of the company and realize the ebit margin of at least 8% this goal is very important."
It is understood that the business adjustment will result in Leipzig (Leipzig) and Ludwig fort (Ludwigsburg) to the closure of the factory and Mr. Weiss - waldorf (Wiesloch - Walldorf) factory layoffs.A total of about 650 employees will be affected;2015/2016 fiscal year, Heidelberg fiscal targets for ebit margin of at least 8%.
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