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China Printing Solutions-Global printing output in 2018 will increase to $980 billion
China Printing Solutions-Media, advertising, and other market information to digital technology has brought the global printing industry wide and far-reaching influence.This effect is not only fully embodies in the printing of developed countries, but also penetrated the some emerging or transition economies.Although the situation is different in every country, but in the long run, the global printing market is steady.
According to the latest release of the 2018 global printing market forecast report predicts that over the next five years, digital printing will gain greater market share, and packaging and printing production in the global market share will increase obviously.In the packaging, labels, and the combination of digital printing, driven by global printing market output value will reach $980 billion in 2018.
Digital printing after a short version of the service
At present, including printing labels, packaging and printing is the only global a printing market demand.According to the latest release of the 2018 global printing market forecast report, packaging and printing output of global production of the printing market will increase from 23.5% in 2012 to 38.1% in 2018.And the strength of the packaging and printing development has led to digital technology in the field of packaging and printing development after printing.
Despite the global packaging demand fell during the financial crisis, but in most countries, packaging and printing market rebound quickly.In Asia and Latin America, publications and advertising for printing a larger contribution to the growth of the market, but the packaging and printing has the greatest potential to growth.On the one hand, the network to the packaging technology, digital creasing and cutting technology to the development of digital printing has brought new growth momentum.This means that the folding carton production can realize comprehensive digitization and automation.On the other hand, as the material abundance and diversity, while the packaging market demand growth, but each order in reducing the number of production, packaging more and more tend to be more personalized.Those who can provide a quick short version printing enterprise processing services, will gain greater competitiveness in the new market environment.
Digital printing is significantly reduce waste
According to the forecast, digital printing output in global share will be increased from 9.5% in 2008 to 19.7% in 2018.Compared with traditional printing, digital printing to create output in general is higher, and the supplier's work efficiency and product efficiency is higher than ordinary printing service providers.
Digital printing, especially in transactional printing, advertising, and some business stationery, and other fields of rapid growth, it is more obvious in western countries.From a technical point of view, the application of digital printing and instant distribution system can significantly reduce the waste of printing.The emergence of the multifunctional composite all-in-one can also make the print more attractive.But when consumers, companies and government departments in the next 5 ~ 10 years after the digital media technology in succession, the printer there would be no place.
Digital transmission Stir the traditional market
In developed countries, a lot of prints have been replaced by the digital transmission technology.Many people, especially a new generation of consumers prefer to use Internet to get news and entertainment activities, the role of the newspapers, magazines and books and other products in many countries have gradually disappear.Sales of books and magazines, of course, still keep growth in some countries, but some bad the plight of the newspaper.In books, while countries such as Switzerland reading quantity per capita per year reached a high in the late 20 about this, but China and India's per capita annual reading respectively only three copies and less than 1.At present, the Swiss reading quantity per capita down very quickly, China will not achieved significant growth in a short time.India as each year's reading quantity per capita is less than 1, therefore is likely to increase to 2 ~ 3 this year, but in the long run, may be back to the previous level.The emergence of the Kindle and other e-readers be a threat to the printing industry, and the development of media technology will be faster than before.Magazine, for example, the magazine since 2009 after the collapse of the advertising has not restored to the level before the financial crisis, and is not likely to recover again.
In advertising, although the Internet advertising from newspapers and magazines wrest a part of market share, but not obvious effects on offline media.Digital display for outdoor advertising has formed a certain impact, but the impact is not people previously thought so big, and its effect on in-store advertising is also very similar.Direct mail advertising recovered in some developed countries, but in the long run will have a downward trend.Direct mail in emerging Asia and Latin America, and the application in transition economies are not common, and the area of advertising and promotional materials market has great potential for development.
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