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China Printing Solutions-Toyo ink group to expand business in India
China Printing Solutions-Recently, toyo ink group (TheToyoInkGroup) in India, (Dahej) building a second factory formally put into production.It is understood that the plant's annual capacity of 10000 metric tons (m. ons), has nearly reached Delhi (Delhi) factory three times, can effectively cope with the rapid growth of Indian printing market demand.Went into operation at the same time, the factory make toyo ink on a global scale to provide continuous, high quality products output, especially for the nearby Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other emerging markets.
Toyo ink (India) company build a second factory is very important to realize the medium-term growth strategy.Toyo ink is devoted to expanding the business around the world, promote global product supply ability, so that you can quickly and effectively deal with customer's growing needs.
Given that India is adjacent to many emerging markets, the geographical position is superior, the Oriental ink group has been as the core in the strategy of global supply chains.In addition, toyo ink group will further strengthen the diversity of its business in the local development.At present, Oriental ink has become one of the fastest growing economies in the region.China Printing Solutions
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