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The latest trends in printing papers

The evolution of magazine paper
(1) 1970s – 1980s, the printing industry for the industry’s large-scale technology and equipment modification, upgrading. Foreign printing rotary offset printing using the first books, then the production of a variety of magazines have gradually adopted typesetting, offset printing process, which in turn promote the production of paper for offset printing, especially suitable for halftone printing offset printing paper, large replace letterpress printing paper size.

(2) In recent years, as China’s economic take-off and the rapid development of culture, publishing, magazines showing a flourishing large development of the situation.
The performance of one, many magazines have a two-color or four color-color printing. The use of the paper, there have been many full use of offset printing coated paper or magazine.

Performance in the magazine’s format size from small to big, from the past being the paper’s 16-degree change for the generous format of 16 mo ​​or more. Such as paper size 850mm × 1168mm 1 / 16 format, 889mm × 1194mm size paper 1 / 16 format, 880mm × 1230mm size paper 1 / 16 format, 880mm × 1270mm size paper 1 / 16 format, 635mm × 965mm size paper 1 / 8 format, etc.

Performance of the three, the diversity aspect ratio format size. In addition to the golden ratio generally in the design of format size, it also appeared in non-compliance with the golden section shaped format size, such as ultra-wide, high, etc. This binding process to the printing and paper business development services for the diversification of the magazine raised new issues.

(3) The pursuit of paper in the journal gentrification, after the wave of multi-color printing, and now a lot of magazines and return to a rational way.
The performance of one, LWC increased use. I believe that, in addition to fashion and cars as a class of fashion magazine, and the need to faithfully reflect the natural kind of magazines, general magazines, in particular, current affairs, professional and technical magazines, coated with low prices, printing coated paper slightly better than LWC difference is more appropriate.

Performance of the two, the use of low quantitative paper. For example, we had to purchase a magazine 80g/m2 LWC, since the middle of the magazine to use 70g/m2 LWC printing, inventory has also failed to digest. Again, for overseas magazines, low weight paper using the paper dictionary, the purpose is to reduce the cost of airmail. Low quantification of paper, can be done without lowering the magazine’s use of the basic value, but they can reduce costs, more importantly, saving wood and other resources for the development of green economy, green economy and sustainable development of society to contribute to .

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