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Magazine printing market will diversify

Magazine printing is a diversified business areas, covering many disciplines and technologies, but there is no doubt that this market is changing into. The statistics show that in the UK about 90% of adults read one or more of the magazine this year, consumers will spend the money on the magazine as high as 25 billion pounds. And this is just one area of ??magazine printing features, she covered include the young to the elderly, business to consumers, the public audience to the professional reader. But for almost all of the printing industry business, now is a very difficult period. In the past three to four years, we see the printing business are significant changes occur, it is almost like the real estate market experience, sooner or later the bubble is broken, and this price is the same with printers. Some well-known magazine publishing department responsible for the printing of the magazine to express their views in this area and prospects.
Commercial consumer magazine publishing giant John Brown media companies with a large number of customers there is cooperation between its print sales in the 012.5 million pounds or so.
A variety of printing
John Brown of the media product manager Matt Jolly said: “We use a variety of printing, but most of the printing service is the use of rotary printing, and gravure and sheetfed offset are – in different ways depending on customer requirements and are the most for our work, we use digital printing, although this share is only on a very small part. ”
Changing market demands
“The demand for jobs in the fixed contract workers and temporary workers is between 50 to 50, it is because we have many changing needs. There is no doubt that stability is very important to us, although in the commercial web market has become more and more difficult, but we provide services to customers and suppliers where we obtained from the quality of service is the same. ”
“It’s hard to understand what we need in the future the service, to obtain the right to the core product seems more important for us and we are very demanding, often in time of urgency to meet customer requirements, we have been willing to listen to a variety of views – new and different requirements, understand the customers are really interested. ”
“In 2005, when I first joined John Brown’s, if someone asked me about how to respond to changing market demand, I might say that we focus on more personalized and targeted business, the opposite proved to be the choice of is correct, this is based on the response of our customers. Postage cost is not the majority of individual customers using one of the reasons, because they store sales through existing channels to reach consumers. personalization Although there is not enough profit , but for other customers in different areas may have different effects. ”
“Printing companies seem very interested for the prices, but I do not think it will easily occur. Printing industry is not cooperative, where full competition.”
Maintain a stable relationship
Haymarket Publishing’s products head Gary Charlton: “Our consumer products are mainly rotary printing, but also a mixture of sheet-fed offset printing and gravure printing. With the great changes in specifications magazine, magazine publishing business will always need a variety of the supplier. ”
“Haymarket with print service providers there is a very long history of partnership, we have long-term relationship as a high-quality, stable and fundamental, we have realized the supplier price pressure, we will maintain cooperation with their precision improve the efficiency of the whole industry chain both profitable to us both and we believe the best way to success with our suppliers to help them understand our business. ”

Short-term changes in longer-term stability

“Printing will continue to market changes, primarily in the area of ??rotation, we feel that this is a pain to change, but in the end will help the industry long-term health development prices will gradually increase, but mainly in the short term conversion will affect those who frequent the business for the price of market segments to provide stable profit publishers and printing companies pricing model. ”


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