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Super pressure light of paper printing eligibility

In the hot rolls of paper offset printing solid type, printing spots, printing density and luster is the most important printing eligibility indexes, the low quantitative coated paper is concerned, its luster, smoothness and opacity is important printing eligibility index. Isn't one of them is the most important paper transparency into the quality index, not low transparency is in the printing process produce through printing or back through the main reason, it will directly influence printing effect; The improvement of the opacity of low quantitative coated paper production is very important.
Compared with the glazed printing paper, low quantitative coated paper printing is much better, its printing eligibility between paper and between the glazed printing paper. Because thin paper, ink relatively small amount bearing surface, the color version of more than double color CMYK dark tone dieyin design is unfavorable and overmuch. Use ink, with the business of offset presses for printing by using high-speed thermosetting type printing ink, in flat four colors offset printing presses to use the special low quantitative coated paper fast drying, printing ink. Also should pay attention to adjusting the good feida lose paper, ensure the smooth conveying sheet.
Super pressure light of paper printing eligibility
Super pressure light paper smoothness and gloss is higher, especially smoothness and even than paper also high. Although the SCA now used mainly gravure, in order to achieve the ideal gravure effect, have to control the smoothness and porosity.
Super pressure light paper the continuous growth of the market requirements must meet the requirements of the offset printing, used in place of low quantitative coated paper, must have the surface properties and avoid the offset printing off powder in wool of the phenomenon. To these conditions, packing types and the reclamation and agent choice is very important, the type of the offset printing packing the absorption of light paper super pressure have great influence on the sex, in addition, adjust good education version printing parameters, such as liquid viscosity and surface tension, make it suitable for offset printing super pressure light paper, can greatly reduce the fault of ink.
Super pressure the density of light paper is larger, with quantitative than other paper thin, soft, small stiffness, the printing ink absorption quantity is less, the output of an image with number should be 120 line/inches. According to the characteristics of printing machines, the biggest TAC value should choose between 24% ~ 26%.
At present, the pressure of the light of paper printing eligibility is no longer a problem, super pressure production cost of light paper than low quantitative coated paper about 15% lower, appearance also more similar, with low cost and good quality advantage, from environmental protection, all can be recycled. But the super pressure paper target market light and certain limitations, it can not be used in fashion kind high-grade printing, but for direct mail set, the pressure is quite ideal light paper.
For each set is concerned, choose which kind of paper depends on its own value and demand, take account of economic and social benefits, believe that low quantitative coated paper and super pressure light of the future of the paper is very broad, will attract more and more eyes of the printer.

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