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Flexo rapid development of the world packaging printing market sixty percent

According to the Japanese printing intelligence, no.4, 2011 news, the United States the printing equipment will affiliate printing industry market information research will be issued in the world flexo market development trend of research report showed that flexo are rapidly to the world popular, now still mainly used for packaging printing. Look from printing, packing flexo print of flexo print total of printing 90% ~ 92%, and the rest of the distribution of less than 10% in securities printing, printing pharmaceuticals printing and electronic components printing, etc. As flexo machine, printing ink, the constant improvement of the plate technology in the world, flexo are in dispute gradually of gravure market.
The data show that in 2009, the world packaging and printing the size of the market for 440 billion dollars, flexible printing packing printing market for 263 billion us dollars, accounting for the packaging and printing all sixty percent of the market. Among them, the corrugated cardboard box printing amount for 125 billion us dollars, accounting for 47.5%; Soft packaging and printing amount for 81 billion us dollars, accounting for 30.8%; Label printing the forehead is 56 billion us dollars, accounting for 21.3%; Folding carton printing amount for 1.2 billion us dollars, accounting for 0.5%.
Flexible packaging is flexo's second largest market, soft packaging and printing of flexo proportion in most areas of higher than all, such as North America, South America, 82% to 75% for Europe, is 57%, but the asia-pacific region is only 10%. In the world of soft packaging and printing market, flexo already account for 64% of the market share, become the protagonist of the soft packaging and printing.
In addition to the packaging printing, flexo's best up-and-coming field is printing electronic products. The world printing electronic products market in 2008 only a mere $3 million, is expected to surge in 2020 to $89 billion. Flexible printing will and offset printing, gravure ink jet printing, screen printing and, with such a huge cake division.

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