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Smart tags era will be to pay attention to brand protection and security

Brand owners often through the use of smart labels to ensure product and authenticity of the value, and at the same time, improve productivity, increasing the user experience.
The traditional label and the use are changing evolution, today's label industry is transformation, toward a more profitable intelligent label the industry development. Tag the potential of will not only that printing [encyclopedia micro bo] content and forms, but more attention to how to do more exquisite label, more intelligent.

What is intelligence tags

Once upon a time, "smart tags, the term is used to describe packaging technology, refers to the use of RFID technology transfer information. RFID tags used in intelligent transportation and distribution of global chains, air handling, pharmaceutical and salute the apparel industry supply chain of the goods on the track, and also used in the library, and other books and different types of media products monitor. Although intelligent tag still covers RFID, but content has changed. Today's "smart tags" includes various kinds of tag technology, more widely used in every field.

Usually, whatever tags intelligence or not, it is one of the main functions of the information transmission. After all, the label a typical purpose was to provide the end user of the product name, description, composition, deadlines, etc. But a smart labels have the ability to take the information transfer to a deeper level, it can be further told a brand owners: in this world who USES his products.

Bielomatik Jagenberg American company's sales vice President Mr. MaxGolter provides us with a concise smart labels definition: "intelligent label refers to those who can provide more information than text itself the tag. Through the increase sensors, the tag can realize the function of the product manual, and with forgery distinguish, but also can prevent the theft, determining product whereabouts, etc."

Bielomatik Jagenberg since 1997 has stepped into the processing equipment manufacturing smart labels, now has more than 13 years of manufacturing experience. For those who want to enter the market the enterprise smart labels, BielomatikJagenberg can provide a entry-level equipment, it smart labels for the processing provides a simple method. Buying this equipment, and industry and commerce still can continue to use the original glue machine, die-cutting machine etc, and don't have to acquire additional multiple devices. It can accept blank or printed text good reel label materials, or single roll with embedded stickers coil, the processing surface paper and the bottom paper dissection, embedded in the bottom paper can paste the accurate position of layout, and then face paper and the bottom paper compound together again. In before rewinding, equipment for each tag will make final quality inspection.

Emerge in endlessly smart labels

Brand protection and security is smart labels main application fields.

Ink Sure technology the company is to provide a hidden machine readable security solutions company security. The company has developed a new technology--through the spectrum technology produces trail agent, not visible sign of the agent in the production process documents has been integrated within the files, the trail agent can only through the special design of the reading is read. A items in the trail agent technology takes only a few cents, relative RFID technology is much cheaper.

Ink Sure technology company President and chief executive officer of Mr. TalGilat explained: "is not only the packing material, the trail agent can also with any other materials with, for example, normally use the window glass paste in above of plastic. It use life and documents can always work, unless the same file is damaged. This trail agent device and reading can also withstand harsh climate."

The technology in medicine and tax bill the application of the market demand is expected to surge. To trace the technology and government documents agent can add the extra income. For example the government of Ukraine in the country's stamp duty tax bills to trace agent technology above, after the first year, increase tax revenue of $two hundred million.
PakSense company launched a can in food transportation process monitoring temperature of intelligent digital food labels, this kind of intelligent tags can be ensure food in the transport will not exceed the allowable temperature range. At present, seafood, meat, poultry, and agricultural products, dairy products, alcohol and other areas (including a few other special field) has used this tag. By testing and record label the temperature of the electronic device, and a paper label base material composition, housed in no safety hazards of food, waterproof plastic bag, and being labeled a unique series yards. The smart labels do not use RFID, but can use other way record in the process of transportation any temperature fluctuations. Tag general was posted on the box, each car goods to use a label, transportation time is a day of calculation. When the truck delivered the goods to, the customer through the visual check the label to identify the indicator in the transport process whether the right temperature to keep the. If the temperature is normal, the green label blink, if have the right outside the scope of the readings, labels, yellow light will shine. This tag replaced the previous note charts temperature monitoring device, and technical is a big upgrade.

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