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The seventh cross-straits book publishing fair (the "strait figure intersection) for 4 days has already fallen the curtain, the first set up the digital publication in the area is a concern of the exhibition hot all parties, including the photography micro bo, at the new media such as mobile phone cartoon is become the focus the attention of the participants. Publishing galleries consists of 120 booths, the digital publishing house of 25 related institutions to exhibitors, showcase electronic books about, digital newspapers, digital journals, the network literature, mobile phone anime, micro bo mobile phone news, the photography micro bo platform, network game, digital music and so on the new project published formats, has brought people rich and colorful digital experience, attracted millions of people to come to visit experience, become the largest area of one of the exhibition stream.
In Taiwan to figure fairs, the most attacks eyeball is digital publishing area-new media. The emergence of new media has become a beautiful scenery line, whether electronic books, or digital newspaper, the new technology and network merged into contemporary the most popular topic. In the new situation, the new technology, the traditional media has become the biggest impact of the industry. Books, newspapers and media market is slowly paper out. Book printing situation is not optimistic.
In China's printing industry development, the paper media is certainly ruled China for the most to the spread of culture media. In the 20 years ago with the emergence of the television, there was a big sound questioned the development of paper media, think that newspapers, books will slowly out of the market, but the reality is still govern the paper media cultural market. But today, more and more new media happen quickly up the books and periodicals paper media market.
First of all foreign enterprises have launched many newspapers paper way, turn to attack the network and ebook way.
Many newspapers paper version of not printed also show that the newspaper the end of traditional media, market research firm IBISWorld published a research report published listed as endangered the newspaper industry, the transformation to development. While China's newspaper market, in 2011 years of sales income increase over last year, but considering the newspaper industry shrinking in the last two years, more like a reprisal rebound. The paper has become the trend of The Times newspaper decline.
Moreover, the book market with the development of the electric paper books dominant position is also at risk.
Teaching material is always the paper books reigns of the market, but with the emergence of the ebook, textbook paper books were also above unprecedented challenges.
Shanghai telecom electronic schoolbag launched in November 2010 the experience of hongkou district after small pilot, at present it has also been the minhang district middle school teachers and students, parents welcome. Recently, electronic schoolbag project again came good news, electronic schoolbag in hongkou district will add pilot school within 30, and will step into the area of the school classroom, the number is expected to cover 3000 new people.
In, more and more students can experience the electronic schoolbag bring new life to learn.
Ningbo 3 has to start "electronic schoolbag" pilot ready to work, the plan officially use next month and the ningbo ZhenHaiOu center school, camels, and the camels, middle school and central school jiaochuan center school four schools six workshops, has set up a file in the city takes the lead in trial electronic bag ".
Ebook has become the most important paper books of the competition, with the rise of the ebook in paper books in the teaching material of monopoly has gone, more market has been occupied ebook.
Network and ebook just new media is the most direct two performance. , mobile phone anime, micro bo for the emergence of the mobile phone and so on media is strongly impact the traditional media market. Earlier this year, the press and publication administration have been deployed/plan, so far have numerous press/realized. And in the future the traditional media and the integration of new media was the chief development fundamental key.
Paper media will serious shrink, and that's a fact. But not to exit the stage of history it. The traditional media still has the value of existence. So, we can't see the development of the pessimistic paper, and new media and mutual benefit mutual became, new media and traditional media win-win situation.

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