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Full color printing and going green

In the last few years we have seen a huge emergence into a echo friendly orientated consumer. It seems like more and more each and every day, various commercial printers.  That happened to be our clients are looking for ways to meet the demands of an echo family consumer.

Buys is in full color printing market are now asked him questions about recycled paper as well as environment friendly inks.

One of the inks that people or commonly asking for is SOY INKS

Soy based inks are used for the simple reason that they are not petroleum base and they are much better for the environment. The reason Commercial printers use Soy inks and vegetable productsis because of the pigmentationthey produce. In my research, I’ve come across several different types of national based inks.  Some of the more popular are flaxseed, canola,and castor just to name a few.  I think the reason that soy is so popular is because it’s has been perceived as well as tested over a long period of time to be a much more stable product. In a couple different articles I’ve read.  I’ve also heard of various different ink manufacturers using blends of various difference natural oils and pigments to create their final product.

 I’m sure that as time goes on more be revealed in how much this actually and ultimately looks to impact the world at the level of a positive versus negative.

Another positive step in the right direction in my opinion is the emergence into various different paper products such as recycled paper, as well as paper that is made from renewable energy such as banana trees.

The thing I like about using the banana tree paper is that anybody that lives in the tropics and has had a banana tree realizes how fast and intrusive that particular tree grows.

I had a banana tree in the back of my house for many years, and it seemed like every time I blinked my eyes that thing was getting up to six or 7 feet tall and constantly growing new shoots every day.

It’s clear to me as time continues to go on and we as a race continue to take down more and more of the Earth’s natural resources away.  Ultimately landing most of these products in landfills within a short amount of time.  We need to create a constant can very well from the new to the old to the new again. Use recycled reuse.

If we can just start with all of our commercial printers struck a home tie United States.  Imagine the difference it would make in the landfills over the next decade.

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