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Book Printing News: Latest Developments

On Demand Books, producer of the Expresso Book Machine, an in-store POD device, has reached an agreement with SharedBook, a customized book producing firm, to print and distribute content from SharedBook imprints, and, through EBM’s ExpressNet sales channel.
The EBM stores books digitally and can print, trim and bind a full size color book in minutes—on demand. The machines are designed to be used both in regular stores, warehouses or elsewhere. On Demand can also distributes the titles that can be published through the EBM though ExpressNet, its digital sale network offering access to millions of titles. SharedBook’s allows professors to create customized copyright approved course paks, offering content from 26 academic publishers. Everything2Print is a publishing platform that allows consumers to use web content and other material to be assembled quickly into book form.
Demand Books CEO Dane Neller, said, “AcademicPub is a natural fit with our technology—highly customized content created in university settings and made to order for faculty and students. Likewise, the radical customization enabled by Everything2Pring is ideal for our technology. Consumers can ow print their books onsite at EBM locations, improving their experience while supporting bricks and mortar retailers.”
Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of SharedBook, said, “On Demand Books’ Espresso Book Machines have been extremely well-received on college campuses, and in college towns. Combining EBM’s just in time printing capability with our flexible and real-time content creation platform is an excellent match.”


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