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About Hardvover Books
For purposes of this discussion, books have two parts, the cover and the text (even though the text may include illustrations, charts, and photographs, not just type). The text, or inside pages, are fastened together by some method of attachment to form a book block. There are two types of cover. Soft cover books have a cover made of heavy paper or cover stock. Hard cover books have a cover consisting of binder boards (heavy cardboard) with a covering material wrapped and glued over it. Some hard cover books are also provided with a paper dust jacket to brighten and protect the hard cover. We produce all the types of hard cover books described below. How It is Done. Hard cover books are made by these steps Print and fasten the book block. At the front and back of the book block are endsheets, the heavier paper which in a finished book runs from the inside of the cover to the front or back of the text. Make the case, or cover. This consists of three pieces of binder board glued to a sheet of covering material. The pieces of binder boards correspond to the front, spine, and back of the book. The covering is typically foil stamped to show the title, author, or design you want on the cover of the finished book. Add headbands to the book block, round the spine of the book (if called for), and do other finishing steps expected for quality books. Draw the case onto the book block. This consists of gluing the endsheets to the inside of the covers. It is either done very slowly by hand or quickly by machine.
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