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World press conference closing allied representatives to printing optimism for the future
65th annual world press conference concluded 5 in the Thai capital of Bangkok, from more than 1000 worldwide media industry representatives and director attended the meeting, the new media age the survival and development of newspaper industry is facing problems, media management and business problems and emerging business models and revenue, etc are discussed.
Facing the impact of the digital, delegates from all over the world agree that the current situation faced by newspapers and media cannot be ignored, but for the future of newspapers or printing, they still hold an optimistic attitude. "360 dello sport from the united Arab emirates (uae) chief executive Michael said, printing is not a dying industry, just need to redefine and display information more intensely, and the key point is to continue to provide more high quality information and content. Otherwise, experts say, despite the digital challenge to bring a variety of uncertainties, the news publishing industry's future seems still very hopeful.
Singapore press holdings group, English and Malay newspaper editor, said Daniel reached 35% last year, the press group profit, readers demand for news is still very high. Daniel said, the industry faces the challenge is twofold, first of all, the reader is at an extremely rapid rate turn to digital information, and digital information at the same time brought income to support their cost base. So printing must survive, and will take the strategy is through the digital pay efforts improve newspaper subscription revenue. Daniel also called for the newspaper industry by creating an "integrated, multi-platform news editing platform" to achieve this transformation, back on employment and wage allocation, and to seek new sources of revenue, he called it "response to a different future needs new horizons now. If this success, he says, the newspaper will continue to maintain its status in highly profitable industry.
During the meeting, the world association of newspapers and news publishing will be at the end of this year's golden prize awarded to the Burmese freedom tower weng "eleven media group" head of Dan. World editor on BanJiangShi biella jie, the BBS's chairman, said Dan tower weng during the reign of Burma's military government does not fear the strong pressure and censorship, continuous restriction on freedom of expression in protest. (Gold Printing Group)
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