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Trends in the Commercial Printing Industry and What We Can Expect to See in the Near Future

The rising popularity of computers has changed many industries over the past decade, and commercial printing companies are hardly immune to these shifts. Because computers and the Internet offer people an easy to use, frequently effective and extremely low cost method of communicating with one another, some have argued that print will soon be obsolete. Magazines and newspapers are losing readers to blogs and interactive websites, companies are choosing to advertise online instead of springing for pricier print ads, and even books are being converted into digital files that can be viewed on a portable electronic reading device. But while it is true that fundamental changes are occurring, it would be a mistake to assume that the commercial printing industry is no longer viable. In fact, recent trends indicate that - contrary to popular belief - there have not been significant declines within the industry. Instead, the companies that continue to thrive are those that have stayed abreast of the latest trends and revamped their approach accordingly.

The Latest Trends: What Have We Seen Lately?
Since commercial printing is a competitive, and frequently overcrowded, industry, it should come as no surprise that some companies have in fact closed their doors in recent times. It's important to note, however, that the companies that remain are actually doing very well. What's their secret? It's simple: They have chosen to shift their focus from traditional printing methods to digital print services. Most industry insiders claim that digital printing is the way of the future, and rather than dreading the change, a savvy commercial printer would be wise to embrace it. Digital printing can benefit both the customer and the professional printer. This is because the digital approach allows printing companies to lower their prices, simply because overhead costs are not as expensive, while at the same time offering increased value and efficiency to their customers.

Coming Soon: What the Future Will Bring to the Industry
Offset commercial printing seems to be declining in popularity, but digital print services seem to be rising up in its place. In the near future, we can expect to see fewer companies that specialize in offset printing, and more that are changing their specialty to digital services. Furthermore, while commercial printing has traditionally fallen into the manufacturing sector, it is now more service-oriented than ever before. Customers' preferences may change, but they will always appreciate a helpful, knowledgeable printing company that can deliver professional results quickly while offering a caring, personal touch. So long as commercial printers are able to adapt to these needs, there will be plenty of room in the marketplace for their services.

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