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Self-publishing and print-on-demand workshop tonight

LIHU‘E — Changing technology makes it more possible than ever to self-publish and market a book without a big-name publisher contract.

A workshop on self-publishing your book will be held tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Kaua‘i Humane Society classroom, 3-825 Kaumuali’i Hwy., in Lihu‘e.

There was a time when someone who published their own book would either not be taken seriously or would not have the wherewithal to effectively market the product.

Another issue was that authors who were capable of writing and editing a book could not afford a self-publishing opportunity. They had to order thousands of books at a time and they had to store them and sell them out of their cars to stores and at speaking engagements.

Digital publishing and print-on-demand technology eliminates this costly process and makes it more affordable with ongoing printing as needed. With online sales, the ability to print and ship to order eliminates the need to maintain a warehouse.

Self-publishing is now more professional, affordable and easier than ever, said workshop sponsor Ingrid Lundquist, founder of the Book-in-Hand Roadshow. She says that online companies such as Amazon will print and ship copies of your book as they receive orders.

“Today’s technology has totally changed the landscape of the publishing world,” Lundquist said. “With fewer bookstores and more and more people buying books online and downloading e-books, self-publishing authors have the potential to reach a broad audience and sell lots of copies.”

The workshop explores the variety of options and potential trouble in the changing world of self-publishing. A panel of industry insiders covers all the steps to publishing your own book.

Ingrid Lundquist will speak on “Designing the Perfect Book Launch Party.” She is a designer, producer and author of “Results-Driven Event Planning: Using Marketing Tools to Boost Your Bottom Line,” and is just now releasing her new “Book-in-Hand Roadshow Dictionary of Publishing Terms.”

The workshop is an opportunity to talk with local experts. They can explain the print-on-demand process and help writers understand the steps to write, illustrate, publish, market and promote a book.

“With the ever-growing numbers of authors, creating your author identity, called your ‘platform’ in the world of books, is a must,” Lundquist said. “Whether you self-publish or are signed by a big publisher, marketing and promoting your book is simply expected of today’s authors.

“The great news is that all the tools you need are waiting for you on the Internet,” she added.

Marta Lane will speak on “Building your platform.” She is the author of the forthcoming “Tasting Kaua‘i: A Culinary Romp Through Paradise.” Publicist Pamela V. Brown will speak on “10 Steps to Successful Self-Publishing.” She is currently the editor and writer of “Kaua‘i Stories: Life on the Garden Island told by Kaua‘i’s People.”

Daniel Lane will speak on “The Visual Perspective.” He is an independent photographer and graphic artist.

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