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Quark boosts web-to-print and VDP capability with Gluon acquisition

Quark has acquired the assets and technology of US-based software developer Gluon, including the HyperPublishing System (HPS) and its HyperCommerce module.

Quark said that the acquisition would allow it to offer enterprise-scale web-to-print, variable data printing  and advertising automation solutions to users of its QuarkXPress dynamic publishing software.

Gluon is HyperPublishing System allows users to create customised, design-rich documents in multiple formats, including PDF, EPS, QXP and Flash, that can be dynamically changed or produced automatically using database-driven, automated page construction.

The HyperCommerce module is a fully-configurable, open standards-based web storefront, suitable for both B2B and B2C interaction, aimed at printers of all types.

"Acquiring Gluon is HyperPublishing System provides us with the unique opportunity to bring together the production and distribution sides of marketing communication and publishing businesses," said Quark director of enterprise products Nick Howard.

"We now offer unparalleled dynamic publishing capabilities that will help customers manage brand control, create on-demand, print-ready materials, and connect with customers through personalised advertising and more."

Gluon chief executive Peter McClard added that an integrated Quark and Gluon software package "makes tremendous sense for enterprise-sized customers who need to automate their advertising processes, publish variable data, or are entering the web-to-print market."

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