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Printing equipment market growth will be concentrated in digital printing and value-added
According to printing industry authoritative media, global purchasing for new printing equipment market in 2012 gross of $21.5 billion, by 2017, that number is expected to increase to $22.7 billion. Five years the average growth rate of 1.6%, growth easing, but this is also since 2007, and $2007 in market value after a sharp drop in on a good trend.
Is expected in 2012, and the digital simulation of printing equipment installed all over the world value around $1.1 million, the total quantity will be 120000 units in 2017. Increased mainly because digital printing equipment sales to provide a good simulation equipment installation.
Value at the same time, printing equipment market growth will come from analog devices and digital printing equipment value-added features, rather than the traditional offset printing machine, flexo printing and gravure printing fields. This also led to the development of the printing equipment supply chain organization change. The new printing equipment in terms of productivity, automation and system operation is much higher than the old one. Super excellence quality, productivity and digital features makes commercial printing equipment installation quantity will reach 40000 units over the next four years.
Digital printing equipment, including inkjet technology and electrostatic imaging equipment is gradually become an important part of the printing equipment market is expected between 2007 and 2017, this field equipment proportion will rise from 14.2% to 32.5%. In many simulation equipment suppliers and prepress experts point of view, they think it is a trend in the future, there is printing only bright spot of the high-speed growth.
Drew in 2012 during the exhibition, digital printing equipment in the "spotlight" has exceeded the traditional printing equipment, especially the landa appearance nanometer digital printing machine for the first time global printing, order quantity field is more than 400 units, more make digital printing trend sweeping the global each corner. At the same time, in the developed countries and developing countries, the development of the printing industry are also different. China, Brazil, India and Russia have been to become the world's most printing equipment to purchase potential in clear place in the rankings.
In addition, sheet-fed offset press is still printing equipment accounted for the largest part of the, the German printing machine manufacturing giant man Roland corporation bankruptcy of the decline in orders from Europe, North America and Japan region. And Heidelberg, man Roland and komori has signed a cooperation agreement with landa group, this also reflected the traditional printing machine manufacturing giant, have accepted the traditional offset printing machine market shrinking, the trend of rising customer demand for digital printing. (Gold Printing Group)
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