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Printing enterprise is confronted with new challenges must take the correct development strategy

According to What They Think web news, American Printing association (Printing Industries of America) vice President and chief economist David (RonDavis) for a print and Printing market forward development published a financial report, the report discusses the Printing enterprise how to use multiple function prints, to make Printing enterprise sustainable survival and development. The report points out that, in the past 10 years with the development of the printing industry, the number of future printing enterprise will continue to reduce, now focus on marketing and logistics field of printing enterprise will continue to keep growing, and still live in the professional information transmission of printing enterprise sales will decline.
According to introducing, this report will printing products into three different types: one is printed matter to propagate the facts and editing information, in the form of magazines, newspapers, books and report; 2 it is printed matter used to provide a product logistics, in the form of packaging, labels, wrapping paper and product manuals, etc.; Three is used for market promotion prints or sell products, services, land, or is to promote the concept, such prints catalogue, including direct mail and sales manuals, etc.
The report finds that in the above categories in print, and only used for product logistics prints no digital media and competition. Conversely, used to spread information printed matter from digital media is faced with the huge impact. Used for marketing prints, the future development of risk degree in between the two.
David said, "the report concluded, the analysis of the key to print and printing enterprise future trend is still better off. Now, those who have come to realize the potential market environment, and to take a correct development strategy and detailed measures to promote the printing enterprise, will have a very bright future. Although there are about the development of printing industry a pessimism, but two-thirds of applications to keep development. Now the printing industry really faces many challenges, but it do not be equal to the development of the printing industry without any way out. Printing enterprise should understand the market changes, and seize development opportunities, create beautiful future, because the chance always transient, both now and in the future."

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