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New tendency of label printing industry
People originally would like to import label printing equipments and learn technical of this from Japan, USA, Taiwan and etc area. So far label printing basically mainly take use of relief printing, combined use flexo printing and offset printing. While in domestic mostly mainly reply on relief printing, then flexo printing. While seldon use offset printing. With all tendency goes, flexo printing take up the leading printing way in this industry.
With the development of market, especially for the needs increasing from package and anti-fake industry, domestic label market keep increasing, and annual increasing remain 15%-20%. Which begins form into label printing chain. Adhesive label printing chain contains firms working for label printing, equipments manufacture, label material supplier and reference ink, plate etc firms. This also gives a good material basis for label printing industry.
Because of our label printing industry late starting, and develops fast these years. While in compare with Europe, USA, Japan and other developed countries, we still have big distance in marking mode, product level, new technology application, consumption level and etc aspects. Our label printing industry still at the initial develop stage, not mature yet. Which mainly reflects from many aspects. Relief printing still take pride in leading position. While flexo printing is popular and widely used in international; paper still hold the big proportion. In china, 85% is wet uncover label, while international market mainly printing on film. There are very few professional label printing firms. New technology is so few adopted, some technology is blank like RF labels and etc. But with marketing changing, higher and newer requirements reflect at newly application, multi-function, multi-using new products.
Our label printing industry also confront with many other situations. Many famous wine firms required offering transparency effect plastic labels. Some cosmetics and cleaning & washing commodity firms required inner mold labels; particularly in supermarket and transportation firms on pressing need for low price fine wares RF labels.
Following main industries have needs on labels:
1. Electronic and electrical industry
Variety of adhesive labels are widely used in many electronic equipments. This label is large area, multi-sorts. Besides, with IT products widely using, adhesive labels are vastly used as product explanation mark on those IT products.
2. Household and daily consumption industry
Accordingly to figures, this industry products have the needs on adhesive labels over 30%. Its package material takes 40% and all use adhesive labels. Because this kind of products mostly sell on counter without other package, label becomes the most important representation of this product. with time goes by, mostly bottles and cans like this kind of product all intend to pasting the adhesive labels on their bottles.
3. Medicine industry
Nowdays more and more OTC medicine is directly sold on counter, medicine manufacture and consumption attach medicine package, then begin to use adhesive labels, hence which further push the medicine manufactures printing labels from traditional to modern adhesive labels.
 4. Transportation industry
Recent years, transportation industry obviously grow, modern transportation required the changeable information printed labels. Such as storage labels, luggage labels and supermarket labels etc.
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