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MACtac Launches New REBEL Series for the Screen Printing Market
(Gold Printing China)Bringing to life a revolutionary product line as unique as its applications, MACtac Graphic Products is launching its new, flexible REBEL screen print series. Much as its name implies, the REBEL performance-driven product line is built to be different. Specifically designed to deliver consistent printability and superior adhesive performance, REBEL works for both screen and digital printers. Available in a broad range of multi-print media, the REBEL series offers a versatile and valuable printing platform for indoor and outdoor applications, including point-of-purchase, retail and overall general signage. “REBEL is unique because we approached the product development process differently,” said Rick Moore, director of marketing, MACtac Graphic Products. “After benchmarking existing products on the market, including our own, we developed a special adhesive with performance characteristics that deliver the quality and uniformity necessary to meet the widest range of application surfaces.” One of the many unique features to REBEL is the product is opacity is created with the face film, not tethered to a gray adhesive like other industry offerings. REBEL is face film innovation also allows for the best adhesive technology—clear, high-performance adhesives. “By building opacity into the face stock, MACtac is able to provide printers with the block-out they require without sacrificing performance, which means, for example, that REBEL featuring our high tack adhesive will perform better on a wider variety of surfaces, including low surface energy substrates” said Moore. In addition, MACtac optimized lay flat, enabling better production consistency and performance to easily fit screen applications as well as high-production inkjet drum printers. The REBEL product line works with UV screen, solvent and eco-solvent printers and joint warranties are in place with Nazdar for Lyson inks. “We analyzed ink adhesion, dyne levels, opacity, color spectrum and a host of other attributes critical to print quality to create the ideal solution in REBEL,” Moore said. “By working with an industry leader like Nazdar, we were able to qualify our face films with their ink solutions to ensure a superior finished product.” The 4-mil vinyl film comes in a wide variety of finishes, including gloss white, matte white and gloss clear. The product is available in rolls, and custom options are available with MACtac is converting capabilities. For more information regarding MACtac products or graphic solutions
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