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In 2012 drew international printing and paper and exhibition

By global in 2012 drew the attention of the printing and printing and paper international exhibition, hereinafter referred to as drupa is in May 2, 2012-13 in Germany, cernet du Randolph held, drupa has always been known as the vane of printing industry, each term all have a technology to theme. As in 2008 show theme for ink-jet printing technology, the theme before a JDF technology, digital technology and CTP technology, etc.
So drupa 2012 theme will be? To be sure, 2012 years of exhibition will have more than one theme, rather than on a single theme.
2012 theme will be epi-type, printing medium itself is also the epi-type, such as: printing and application, printing and network, printing and tablet computer, printing and mobile devices. But it's not just printing and other a certain media simply, mechanical combination. This is all sorts of different printing program combination, the whole of the combination will greater than the sum of the significance of. Digital printing and offset printing are involved.
Drupa2012 theme a: reform and change
Printing enterprise how to reform and change in industry in the process of expanding business, are going to be the theme of the 2012 drupa exhibition.
JinYin group holds that the reform will be drupa 2012 theme. Technology will still continues to develop, but for printing service provider is concerned, the challenge is how to various technical comprehensive, promote industry development in order to deal with the new situation. This reform performance is everywhere, such as: from the offset printing or digital printing to digital printing, printing plate from supply to cross media service supply, and the accompanying change of roles-from printing service supplier to the market service suppliers.
Drupa2012 subject two: a new business guide
"Print providers in developing a marketer in the process of the need a lot of help, it is printing enterprise in business development tools used in the important meaning related." Industry analysts Tony said. "Historically, drupa is always technology exhibition, but now, industry of business process and the innovation also is the important component," Canon group Europe professional printing department director David Preskett said, "we will show the company customers in the business process of reform and innovation. The audience can be made it evaluation and discusses, we hope this can be of some inspiration, so as to promote the further development of the industry."
Be worth what carry is, in the field of media, printing and other forms of media has the unity of opposites of the relationship. At the fair, audience will find a ubiquitous slogans, and that is--the return on the market ROMI.
Drupa2012 theme 3: offset printing still hold position
In the last drupa exhibitions, digital printing and inkjet printing is the focal point of people and this feature in the exhibition will also continue on. But we still need to know, no matter how digital printing has made significant achievements, offset printing of the output is still not allow to ignore, and industry is still does not have completely digital change conditions. Digital printing completely replace the offset printing also for fashionable far, industry is certainly form is constantly changing, but offset printing will still hold position.
Drupa2012 theme 4: then push ink-jet printing theme
Drupa 2008 is the theme of the ink-jet printing, so Drupa 2012 many points to the theme of the most pertinent and will be what??? The answer is still ink-jet printing technology. Drupa 2008 exhibition is the theme of the inkjet printing idea, 2012 theme will be ink-jet printing output, the meeting will display more of ink-jet printing equipment design, in order to satisfy the more application requirements. In the past four years, ink-jet printing has set up a file in the digital printing market field obtained great achievements, and the momentum of development will also continue.
Drupa2012 theme 5: automation and integration
In addition to a variety of printing program together (i.e. integration) besides, in dealing with low cost, high efficiency, high speed printing market demand, the task of printing, sort and management, processing and distribution is also important. If these aspects are together, so automation will also be much easier. Digital printing in automation work process is often ignored the role. Reduce artificial operation, expand each operator control range is the key problem in the production environment.
Drupa2012 theme 6: mixed printing, powerful combination benefit
Without a doubt, digital and analog printing exists between the intense competition of the relationship. Drupa exhibition audience need for new products and technology careful research and investigation, and according to your own production capacity of the point-choose to visit more short offset printing cycle printing or higher yield of digital printing. At the same time, just like the kodak Cullimore sir said, today's exhibition is no longer only a single theme, but (so-and-so technology) and drupa "this move is the advantage of two kinds of technology can be together, be a number of longitudinal mixed with offset printing, also may be will simulation printing and digital integrated together to seek the most appropriate printing mode.

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