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Global variable data printing market development prospects are analyzed
According to the latest release of the 2012-2017 global variable data printing (VDP) market report, according to the market in 2012 to transfer printing output for 656.756 billion, by 2017 is expected to increase to 853.097 billion printed sheet. At the same time, the report published by different printing way for variable data printing production related data: among them, using traditional printing technology of the production is expected in the next five years to 0.5% annual compound growth rate decline; Adopt electrostatic printing production is expected to 1.5% compound annual rate of growth, using ink jet printing technology production fastest growth over the next five years, compound annual growth rate is expected to be 14.2%. Global market for variable data printing production ratio in total of the whole printing market will grow from 8.2% in 2012 to 14.2% in 2017.
In each region of the report at the same time for the global variable data printing market has also carried on the detailed investigation and study. According to the survey found that north American and western European market is the largest share of the global variable data printing area, its use in the field of direct mail printing, and other files to print the trend of the digital printing technology is far more than the rest of the world level, especially in the area of inkjet printing technology application scope. In addition, in emerging markets such as eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, variable data digital printing production also. Although the application of digital printing technology in these areas is not very widely, but the growth rate is very alarming, the annual growth rate at 20%.
In recent years, high speed, high quality inkjet printing technology become the most powerful technology affect the variable data printing market. As I mentioned in the report, "even if using other technologies of variable data printing production will not increase, but the ink jet printing technology market growth is" certain ", and the number will appear double-digit growth, variable data printing production in the future market of most from inkjet printing technology's contribution in the future."
Specific areas, in 2012, the largest contribution to the global market for variable data printing production of the first is the direct mail market, a total of about 264 billion printed sheet (A4), in the next five years is expected to grow by 19%. But in the growth of the market won't be plain sailing, like other difficulty printing market field, digital also in attacks this variable data printing market, especially in paper printing, check, financial transactions, and direct mail marketing. (Gold Printing Group)
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