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Global packaging machinery market surge in demand, high-end trend is obvious
The global packaging machinery demand is expected to be at an annual rate of 5.3% growth
Recently, the VDMA German trade association, said the world packaging machinery has been growing for many years.Under the demand from emerging markets, expects sales of more than $40 billion in 2015.MPI group, the report says, while manufacturing plants around the world continue to cut capacity, but also have nearly half the company plans to increase production equipment spending.
GIA think packaging equipment sales growth is the main driving force behind due to the development of emerging markets, particularly Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.GIA explained that this is due to emerging countries accelerate the development of industry, food processing and the rapid expansion of durable consumer goods industry, at the same time there are a lot of foreign investment.At the same time, developed countries also play a huge role.
The global surge in demand for high-end packaging machinery market trend is obvious
After these years of development, packaging has become the indispensable equipment products.In the development of industry, the people and continuously put forward new requirements for packaging market, so in recent years, the growing global packaging machinery equipment.At the same time, and catch up with the emerging countries economic development tide, packaging industry will usher in a rare golden period of development.
According to statistics, the global packaging machinery demand is expected to be at an annual rate of 5.3% growth.Packaging equipment manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and China.According to the geographical, foreign packaging machinery market demand is different.According to relevant data, a food and beverage industry occupies an important position in national economy, all over the world, the proportion of investment is very big also, are the biggest buyers of packaging machinery, occupy about 60% of the share.The pharmaceutical industry is an at least less affected by economic fluctuations, because the drug is the basic needs of people's life, the industry procurement occupies all packaging machinery is about 20%.
German German packaging machinery and equipment in the dominant design, production, technology and other aspects;China is an important part of the importer of the German packaging machinery, particularly in the food processing and packaging machinery.German packaging machinery mainly are from the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia.German packaging machinery in the world rankings for the first 85% of the shares.
    the development of packaging machinery in the United States is very long, formed the independent complete packaging machinery system, the variety and yield were the highest in the world.Since the 1990 s, the packaging machinery industry has maintained a good momentum of development.Packaging machinery factory with big packaging materials plant in the United States, sales is entirely dependent on the parent company.
[Japan] packaging machinery manufacturers in Japan, mainly small and medium-sized enterprise, currently has more than 200, in addition, there are more than 100 packaging materials, packaging machinery and related equipment manufacturers, varieties of packaging machinery nearly 500 kinds of specifications 500. Packaging machinery is mainly small and medium-sized single, has small volume, high precision, easy installation, convenient operation, high automation degree, etc.
[Italy] Italy is the world's fourth largest producer of packaging machinery, the second largest packaging machinery exports.Italian packaging machinery has excellent performance and graceful appearance, and cheap.The proportion of exports accounted for about 80%;The United States is the largest export market.
Now the packaging industry competition has become the global competition.How to survive in this environment has become a problem many enterprises are thinking.Beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care products and chemical products rapid growth in demand for packaging machinery.Freedonia forecast 2014 food will account for 43% of global sales, the drinks will be the fastest growing, the average economic growth of 5.3% a year.Perhaps, automation, intelligence and integration will become the main trend in the development of packaging industry.
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