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Global markets a wide range of flexible packaging development momentum
Expects 2016 global flexible packaging market consumption will reach 71.3 billion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of 4.1%.2016 global flexible packaging consumption is expected to reach 18.1 billion tons, 2016 will reach 2016 tons.
Flexible packaging market in developed countries such as North America and Western Europe countries have been mature, will reduce growth.Experts predict that flexible packaging market growth in the developing world will be more strong.Asia is the largest regional market, in 2011 accounted for 29.1% of global market share, followed by Western Europe and North America, 27% and 20.7% respectively.Asia is also a flexible packaging fastest-growing consumer market, 2011-2016 average annual compound growth rate is expected to reach 7.9%.Fastest growing with China and India, in the meantime, the two countries growth is expected to account for 44% of the global flexible packaging consumption growth.
In the consumer market competition increasingly heated environment, brands to create new products emerge in endlessly, flexible packaging market benefit a lot.Due to major retailers need to be more persistent and rigorous product protection measures, thus seal flexible packaging is more and more important.
Flexible packaging because of its versatility, low cost and has the innovative potential and gradually by the attention of the brands.Similarly, in printing carbon footprint analysis and packing effects to the environment, flexible packaging lightweight packaging format is an important attribute, and the importance of its growing characteristic.Therefore, the future of the global packaging market there will be a flexible packaging.
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