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CPI appoints David workman as director general

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has appointed David Workman as director general, replacing Martin Oldman who will retire later this year.

Workman has been the director general of the British Glass Manufacturers Confederation since 2001.

He said there are common issues to be faced by all who represent manufacturing sectors, including how to convince government in the UK and Brussels that the manufacturing base needs nurturing.

Workman said: "The burden that government places on industry is one of the main reasons why we have lost so much of it to the emerging economies."

He also said there needed to be a coherent energy strategy for the UK that would provide security and continuity of supply at internationally competitive prices. This included a balance between demands for a low carbon economy and the need for industry to be competitive.

"Currently, the omens are not good as all energy intensive sectors face a barrage of legislative and regulatory measures which will add significant costs to their operations," he explained.

"The failure of our leaders to agree at Copenhagen last November illustrates how difficult this is going to be."

The sectors that supply packaging products need to work on the public and political image of packaging generally, and turn the spotlight on issues such as food waste and the potential for product damage.

Workman said: "Packaging needs to be seen as a positive contributor to the reduction in GHGs.

"Paper and related products also have an excellent and highly enviable record of achievement in increasing recycling rates, but if this is to be maintained much more emphasis needs to be placed on quality – from collection to processing and eventual recycling."

Bob McLellan, president of the CPI, said the organisation was fortunate to have found someone of Workman calibre.

He added: "I look forward to working with him in order to further promote and defend the interests of all sectors of the paper and related industries".

Workman will be based at CPI  Swindon-based offices and will take up his new role in April. 

CPI represents the paper chain from the recovery of used paper through papermaking and conversion to distribution.

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