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Children's book production process problems should be paid attention
1. Choose the paper moisture content is a little lower
Many children's books alien exported to European and American countries require moisture content at about 17%, or because of environmental differences will cause "lotus leaf edge" phenomenon, but also should choose high viscosity of the adhesive, avoid in the process of framed paper by water from excess moisture content increase.
2. Making different die-cutting die-cutting essential books
Thin this is generally the first binding after die cutting or cutting method is better; And thick this processing method is different, have a plenty of the finished product segment after cutting and become, have a plenty of die cutting out different single page to bind or pasting. At this time on the paper, the selection of adhesive and pasting method has certain requirements, if there is no early trials tend to be a problem. First cutting must be accurate, especially pay attention to the paper cutter to cut paper partial knife up and down there may be error, and therefore must not be too much all at one time.
3. The mounting is alien book binding is important one annulus
For a variety of paper after the water expansion rate, in order to avoid bending to had better choose the same paper mounted, at the same time to master better than the gel time.
4. The Angle of the hardcover book alien technology is difficult to grasp
Hardcover book alien there are both Angle of outsourcing and insourcing Angle, often causing side show cardboard color so easily, affect beautiful, so the reader can see there are a lot of different books at the Angle of the base material has a trace of a pen point.
5. A lot of hardcover books in alien HanTao or boxes
When HanTao and pasting, for example, between a die cutting molding of thin plate, the gap in HanTao and inside pages part fixed double-sided printed by rotary table, this can be changed by rotating turntable different graphic content of the book, very interesting.
6. The paperback book alien species richness
Some unique design; Some use 3 d printing; Some inside the central have transparent plastic sheet, with the back of the printed paper pattern overlay and show special effect; There are some in the inside pages with origami, present all sorts of modelling, such as in open origami open in short range. But special attention should be paid to the strength of the book, alien don't in order to ensure the different effects caused by the book's overall strength is not enough, causing pressure marks on or inside pages so easily fall off.
7. Different equipment production product fine degree is different
In the ear in the hardcover notebook inside pages, for example, domestic processing method most used a period of manual cutting, make product month ear shades, and a ladder shape. With punching equipment, automatic page, cut out on the ear is very neat.
8. Alien book production after the completion of the work
Alien book production is completed and placed in a wetted for drying room or drying room, to ensure the moisture content of paper to meet customer requirements.
Make alien book cost and the loss is very high, so making process should be very pay attention to the characteristics of each link, especially the details of the place often easy to appear problem, so let's do more proofing test, determine the process parameters, looking for processing. Alien book, although it be hard for production, the cost is very high, but with the constant improvement of post-press equipment, production of products will be more rich and colorful, novel unique, different function, publishing and commercial printing industry xintiandi. (Gold Printing Group)
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