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A unique fine art printing job has put Squirt Printing is work in one of the most popular stores in the nation for the holiday season.

Through a partnership between Pottery Barn Kids and Kidlandia, an online destination where parents and kids create fantasy maps that trace the family is story to create personalized wall art for children is rooms, Squirt Printing is expertise came into play to produce the wall art. Two different maps are being offered through the Pottery Barn Kids Web site as part of its Fall collection of children is furnishings and decor.

Up to 25 cities, islands and other features on the artistic maps can be personalized with the names of family members, friends and places meaningful to the family. When ordered on the site, this variable data is then routed to Squirt Printing, where the personalized, 35x27-inch maps are printed using HP Designjet printers. 

I personalize the maps depending on what the client wants, in this case Pottery Barn wanted pirates for its rooms, noted Backus. Although pirates might be a favorite of Pottery Barn customers, Backus also supplies other creations on his site, such as SpongeBob is Bikini Bottom and Dora the Explorer is world. All of these pieces can be personalized for a child with his/her family is names.

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