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A slowdown in Germany printing output growth rate falling volumes
"According to related survey data shows that Germany will be printed in the global market output value relegated to fourth in the rankings, is expected to print output value of $38.9 billion, 2016, the growth rate decline, slow growth in total." The German federation of machinery and equipment manufacturing, printing and paper making equipment and supplies manufacturers association President Mr Kay bent MEL in the third session of the international printing industry to develop domestic printing overview on BBS.
German printing industry currently has more than 9700 companies, give priority to with small scale, with 70% of the enterprise staff Numbers less than ten people, only 3% of the company in more than 100 employees, but accounted for 27%, the number of employees in a medium size company is between 10 to 99 people with large printing equipment, the strongest competitiveness. As Europe's largest printing market in Germany, its largest packaging printing industry accounted for the domestic printing market ratio, at 40%, then in turn is advertising printing (20%), and commercial printing (19%), magazines (15%), etc. Affected by the rapid development of China book printing output, the book printing market accounts for only 3% more than, but Mr Bent meyer said German book printing market is very healthy. In terms of specific printing process, the traditional offset printing is still occupying nearly half of Germany's market, accounted for 42%, followed by 21% flexo printing, gravure printing 13%, 12% for digital printing.
German printing exports to 4.1 billion euros, Swiss is the biggest exporter. Imports of 1.8 billion euros, China has become Germany's largest importer of printing. Highly competitive retail industry, with many well-known brand companies, such as global advantage will be for the German printing industry development provides a unique advantage.
German printing and paper making equipment and supplies manufacturers association, with 130 members, membership accounted for 90% of the whole country. Its main production printing equipment, paper processing equipment and papermaking equipment is given priority to, all the members in 2012 sales revenue of about 9 billion euros. China has become the largest printing equipment importer in Germany, in 2012 China's total printing related equipment imported from Germany is about 4.14 euro. Followed by the United States, Brazil and France. Germany is the world's largest sheet-fed offset press, web offset printing presses, flexo printing machine's biggest exporter, respectively each accounted for 55.2%, 36.42% and 31.73% of the market, gravure printing accounted for only bowed to Italy, ranked second, accounted for 20.5%. (Gold Printing Group)
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